Congratulations on your new role as a FI$Cal Department Requester.

As a Requester, you have the ability to open tickets using the Identity Self-Service (ISS) Portal to create user profiles, add or remove roles, and enable or disable user accounts.

We have created a number of job aids that are specific to each type of action you will encounter while using the ISS Portal. We recommend that you review the following job aids, available in ServiceNow, before using the ISS portal for the first time:

  • FI$Cal.315 – Create a New User in Identity Self-Service 2.0
  • FI$Cal.316 – Request Roles for a User in Identity Self-Service 4.0
  • FI$Cal.318 – Approve Pending Requests in Identity Self-Service 2.0
  • FI$Cal.324 – Disable User in Identity Self-Service 3.0
  • FI$Cal.325 – Enable an End User in Identity Self-Service 2.0
  • FI$Cal.326 – Modify a User’s Profile in Identity Self-Service 3.0 

The end user role description handbooks (summary and detail) describe the available user roles that you can assign to staff. Most departments will use the End User Role Description Handbook (Summary). The End User Role Description Handbook (Detail) is oriented towards the Partner and Control Agencies. You can find the handbooks on the End User Access page of the FI$Cal website.

Additional resources that may assist you with your new role are available on the User Support page on the FI$Cal website. Here you can find links to contact the FI$Cal Service Center (FSC), job aids, frequently asked questions, and other end user resources.

If you need assistance or experience any issues while using the ISS Portal, please submit a ticket to the FSC by sending an email to: