FI$Cal Service Center

Hours of operations (phone & email)
Monday through Friday
7:30 a.m. — 5:30 p.m., Pacific Time
(except on State Holidays)
Phone: (855) FISCAL0 (347-2250) (Toll Free)

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FSC Email Ticket Template (Outlook users)
FSC Ticket Request Form (Non-Outlook users)

FISCal Service Center Ticket Request (DOC)

Important Information

Production Systems will be unavailable.

Environment Date Maintenance Window (PDT)

Prod 10/3/2020 Sat 8AM to 10/4/2020 Sun 9PM

Service Level Objectives

  • Priority 1 – Extensive, widespread impact. Multiple departments affected with no workaround available. SLO: Four hours.
  • Priority 2 – Significant impact. Entire department affected or business process functionality only partially available, with no workaround. SLO: Eight hours.
  • Priority 3 – Moderate impact, limited to a single group or team. Workaround is available. SLO: Five days.
  • Priority 4 – Minor impact, usually a single user. Resolution is not time-sensitive. SLO: 30 days.