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Welcome to Access FI$Cal. This page provides you with access to the FI$Cal system, tools and services for end users, and public websites powered by FI$Cal.
Have a question? Contact FI$Cal Service Center. Call: (855) FISCAL0 (347-2250)
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California is responding to the spread of a respiratory illness caused by a coronavirus (COVID-19), as such FI$Cal Service Center analysts are working remotely. If you need a ServiceNow ticket, please access the ServiceNow Self-Service Portal to create and submit your ticket. For all other issues, please contact FI$Cal Service Center: Call: (855) FISCAL0 (347-2250) or email 

The April 2021 Labor file is now available.

Technical teams have identified an issue of OTP codes not being received by some department users. The FI$Cal system is generating and sending OTP codes, but users receipt may be impacted due to OTECH email configurations. While technical teams are working to resolve the issue, OTP codes have been turned off.

Users can login to PeopleSoft using their current User Id and password. Users who normally receive  an OTP code to login will not receive one at this time.  

A notification will be sent once the OTECH email/OTP issue is restored. Thank you for your patience.