There are several ways the Department of FISCal (FI$Cal) provides updates about our activities, whether they be major system enhancements, significant milestones, department activities or important legislative updates. These channels act as sources of ongoing information and are regularly updated.

Social media – FI$Cal regularly posts to its official social media platforms and shares information such as messages from leadership, significant events, relevant articles, current job openings, information about our user support features, including the FI$Cal Service Center and the FI$Cal Learning Center (FLC), and reminders about the different work the department does. The department’s official social media handles are:

Subscriptions – We deliver regular updates that come right to your inbox via our subscription lists, including:

  • Job Aids – Interested parties can sign up to receive notices on updates and newly published job aids. Job aids provide detailed instructions for system end users to work in the FI$Cal system, and include links and images to help users independently navigate new features and system updates.
  • FI$CalTv – Each month, the Business Operation and Solutions Division at FI$Cal hosts an episode of FI$CalTv, a half hour program streamed via Microsoft Teams that connects end users with FI$Cal subject matters experts who share valuable tips, tricks and information about the FI$Cal system.
  • Focus Newsletter – Each month, the department publishes articles with important departmental news. Monthly articles include messages from FI$Cal’s leadership on department strategic vision and progress, information technology project updates, system improvements, and relevant information such as security advice. In addition, the Focus newsletter includes regular updates on FI$Cal job openings, FLC updates and system enhancements.

Department Website – The FI$Cal website is the central space online for people to learn about the department. The website includes an overview of the department’s mission and vision, houses news including the Focus newsletter and relevant publications such as the department’s strategic plan, fact sheets and other important reports. The site also provides user support option resources, and acts as a portal to FI$Cal system.