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Financial Transparency

The financial transparency website, Open FI$Cal,
displays data extracted from the state’s
financial management system (FI$Cal)
to allow the public to monitor state spending.

FI$Cal Subscriptions

The Department of FI$Cal communicates job critical updates
directly to departments. End Users interested in additional
information should take advantage of our FI$Cal Subscriptions.

FI$Cal Job Aids

Supplemental Job Aids are client training
resources communicating step-by-step instructions
on how to complete specific transactions in FI$Cal.

FI$Cal Service Center

The FI$Cal Service Center provides support for
Departments after they go live in the FI$Cal system.

Access FI$Cal

System access for end user

Financial Transparency

Open FI$Cal displays state expenditures

FI$Cal Service Center

Find contact information and help links

University of FI$Cal

Training management system available to system end users

Job Aids/FAQ

Step-by-step instructions and commonly asked questions for the end user

FI$Cal Careers

Join our team

Gavin Newsom

California Governor


Miriam Barcellona Ingenito

FI$Cal Director


Our Partner Agencies


2000 Evergreen Street
Sacramento, CA 95815-3839

Contact Numbers

FI$Cal Service Center: (855) 347-2250 (toll free)
Media Inquires: (916) 576-3784
Client Communications: (916) 576-1250
Executive Office: (916) 576-4846

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