What is FI$Cal?

The Financial Information System for California (FI$Cal) is California’s statewide accounting, budget, cash management and procurement IT system. The State Controller, the State Treasurer, and the Directors of the Departments of Finance and General Services signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in 2007 to formalize the cooperative partnership to support the development of the FI$Cal system. In July 2016, FI$Cal was formally recognized as a new department that implements, maintains and operates the FI$Cal system.

How does Department of FI$Cal integrate Partner Agencies and contract staff to implement the new system?

The Department of FI$Cal has a “One Team” philosophy where employees of FI$Cal, Partner Agencies, and contract staff from Accenture work collaboratively to develop and maintain the FI$Cal system.

The Partner Agencies—Department of Finance, Department of General Services, State Controller’s Office, and State Treasurer’s Office—have dedicated staff working on the system. Representatives from the Partner Agencies also sit on the FI$Cal Steering Committee, which acts as the approval body for key Project decisions.

Do all state agencies participate in the FI$Cal system?

Yes, in some capacity. FI$Cal is the new budgeting, accounting, procurement and cash management system for the State of California. Some entities are exempt or deferred from fully implementing all aspects of the system; however, exempt and deferred departments use procurement and budget functions.

Funding and Costs FAQ

How is California paying for FI$Cal?

As a central service agency, FI$Cal’s non-General Fund costs are recovered from various special and nongovernmental cost funds through the Central Service Cost Recovery Fund, administered by the Department of Finance. Departments who are assessed Pro Rata charges will see the costs for their end users in their Pro Rata assessments.

What is the total estimated cost of FI$Cal?

The costs of the project are estimated at $918.2 million for the years of 2005-06 to 2019-20. This estimate includes $327.7 million in payments to the system integrator to design, develop and implement the FI$Cal system. The cost estimate has fluctuated through the years as the scope and schedule were revised through Special Project Reports.


How do we maintain cyber security?

FI$Cal’s Information Security Office (ISO) has collaborated with the ISOs from the Department of Finance, Department of General Services, State Controller’s Office, State Treasurer’s Office, and a select group of departments with the most rigorous security requirements, to ensure that the system adheres to industry best practices regarding security.

What programming language/platform does FI$Cal use and how can I get training?

The FI$Cal system is a PeopleSoft (Oracle) and Hyperion product. FI$Cal provides training for all end users and staff that directly support the FI$Cal system.