The FI$Cal system modernized how the state of California manages its finances and is one of the largest and most dynamic IT and business-transformation undertakings in California’s history. It eliminates the need for hundreds of independent legacy systems by combining the state’s accounting, budgeting, cash management, and procurement operations into a single financial-management system.

Our Mission

To operate the statewide financial system to enable California to perform budgeting, procurement, cash management and accounting functions transparently and efficiently.

Our Vision

To provide world-class customer service, innovative solutions and efficient system operations as a trusted partner.

Department Divisions

Administrative Services Division

The Administrative Services Division strives to ensure effective, efficient and strategically aligned business processes that integrate administrative functions. To accomplish this, the Division stresses accessible and reliable Knowledge Management programs as well as formal and informal staff development and succession activities. The Division is committed to ensuring the Department is compliant with applicable laws, rules, regulations and policies related to Human Resources, Accounting, Budgeting, Procurement and Contract Management.

Business Operation & Solutions Division

The central mission of the Business Operation and Solutions Division (BOSD) is to ensure the effective delivery and positive reception of the FI$Cal solution. The BOSD continues to provide effective support services, both onsite and remotely, to departmental stakeholders as it has in the past. The BOSD also works closely with Partner Agencies to support month-end and year-end close.

Information Technology Division

The Information Technology Division’s core mission is to provide a reliable, quality solution to customers and partners and maintain the highest level of security. The Division strives to support FI$Cal with self-sufficient, innovative technology infrastructure and application services built and managed by skilled technical staff. As customer and partner needs evolve, the Division will continue to improve FI$Cal by using its mature systems development life cycle processes.

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