Customer Impact Committee

The Customer Impact Committee serves in support of the FI$Cal Project; it was created to act as the primary customer representative to the FI$Cal Steering Committee for all departments, including those selected to be first affected by the implementation of FI$Cal’s systems.

The Customer Impact Committee partners with FI$Cal’s Project Steering Committee as a leadership group to provide a formal mechanism for departments and agencies to express their views and receive information from the FI$Cal project team, provide broad input and advice to the Steering Committee and promote effective representation of department needs during the entire life-cycle of the FI$Cal Project.

Members of the Customer Impact Committee are representatives of those departments currently considered to be in an active preparation phase of the FI$Cal Project, as well as permanent members:

  • Business, Consumer Services, and Housing Agency
  • California Military Department
  • Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
  • Department of Education
  • Department of Food and Agriculture
  • Department of Insurance
  • Department of Justice
  • Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • Government Operations Agency
  • Health and Human Services Agency
  • Labor and Workforce Development Agency
  • Natural Resources Agency
  • State Board of Equalization
  • Transportation Agency

The role of the Customer Impact Committee is ongoing; meetings are held bi-monthly.

For more information about the Customer Impact Committee and its role contact: