Last year, the Department of FISCal held Imagine FI$Cal events in Northern and Southern California. These spring and fall sessions were designed to give our FI$Cal system users the chance to use design-thinking activities to brainstorm ideas that could enhance their FI$Cal experience.

We have been working to develop and implement concepts generated by participants of these events with the goal of improving system performance, training and customer service. We are providing you with an update on those concepts, which we identified in the Imagine FI$Cal section of our external website.

Imagine FI$Cal April 2019 (Sacramento) Concepts

An option that allows users to access FI$Cal subject matter experts directly by phone or chat.
• The FI$Chat concept was launched to all departments in July 2019. You can read more about it here.

Job Aids 2.0
Updated job aids that are easily searchable, informative, efficient and better organized, including a table of contents and FAQs for each.
• As a result of this concept, our job aids have been updated to a new uniform, user-friendly format that includes a table of contents, common uses, helpful links and videos, and frequently asked questions.

A regular email report with information about common questions and issues, as well as the FI$Cal answer or resolution.
• We implemented this concept in August 2019. You can read more about how we implemented the idea here. In conjunction with this concept, FI$CalTv was also launched in August of 2019.

Tesla Template
Standardized templates for submitting tickets and responding to tickets.
• This concept resulted in new ticket submission options being rolled out in August 2019 for our customers to use. More information about the options is available here.

Reports to Go
A dedicated page to help users easily find, understand and use FI$Cal-generated reports.
• This concept resulted in a Reports to Go page being deployed in August 2019 in the PeopleSoft application. You can find more information about the page here.

Delegated Authority
Provides departments with more functionality that they can control, including internal processes for control, internal maintenance teams and regular audits.
• This concept is an ongoing initiative that has resulted in improvements such as the Month-end Close Automation tool rolled out in July 2019 and functionality that allows departments to update purchase order signatures and logos which was rolled out in November 2019.

Consolidated Error Resolution Screen
A new single screen to display all errors across the system, including links to sources and possible resolutions.
• This idea resulted in the Error Dashboard tile, located on the 360 Dashboard being deployed in September 2019. You can read more about it here.

Imagine FI$Cal November 2019 (Los Angeles) Concepts

Restructuring and redesigning the FI$Cal interface for a user-specific, role-specific and department-specific experience.
• The MyFI$Cal concept has resulted in a new WorkCenter feature. You can read more about the feature here.

User Login Flash Screen
A flash screen when users log in to ensure that they are always up to date with the latest communication information.
• A FI$Cal Announcement tile was added to the FI$Cal system homepage in April 2020 as a result of this idea. You can read more about the tile here.

FI$Cal Lego Reporting Tools
Access for all users to choose options to generate reports that meet their specific needs.
• A new KK activity report went live in January 2020 in response to this concept. In our continuing efforts to improve on user experience, we replaced the KK report with a more powerful Power BI tool in August of this year. We are working on providing more access to departmental users so they can build their own Power BI reports.

The FI$Cal Manual and the One State, One Team concepts also generated in November are currently in the evaluation stages for opportunities to incorporate into future FI$Cal improvement initiatives such as a new and improved FI$Cal system education center we plan to begin rolling out in early next year.

Your opinions and ideas are important to us. In our continuing efforts to improve your FI$Cal experience, a virtual Imagine FI$Cal event is being planned for 2021. As more information becomes available, we will share it with you.