Imagine FI$Cal. Engage, Collaborate, Envision what you want FI$Cal to be.

What is Imagine FI$Cal?

Imagine FI$Cal is a series of full-day design thinking workshops to brainstorm “what-ifs” for the future of FI$Cal. Imagine FI$Cal gives end users the opportunity to openly consider all the possibilities that might improve their FI$Cal experience.

April 2019

Sacramento, CA


November 2019

Los Angeles, CA


What’s next?

There was an overwhelming response to our Imagine FI$Cal workshops. More Imagine FI$Cal workshops will take place for FI$Cal system end-users in the coming months. We want to hear from you!

Fiscal director image with link to video


“My biggest take away is the collaboration between departments and coming up with these ideas to make the system better.”
Nasra Torres, California Department of Veterans Affairs

“I feel like my ideas are being taken seriously and recorded.” – Collon Tomlyn, California Department of State Hospitals

“Anytime you roll out something new it’s challenging, but there are solutions when we all work together on it.”
Ray Sena, California Department of Veterans Affairs

For questions or more information on Imagine FI$Cal email