A frequently used but slow-running query has just been replaced to help departments do their daily research, monthly allocations, PFA (Plan of Financial Adjustment), month-end and year-end reconciliations, and reporting more efficiently.

The KK Activity Detail History Report went live Thursday, replacing the long-running query DFQ_KK_12_ACTIVITYLOG_DTL_HIST. The new report provides the same information previously provided by the query along with an option to select from specific KK sources. It will run much more quickly than the previous PeopleSoft query.

You can navigate to this report via: Main Menu > Fi$Cal Processes > Fi$Cal Report > GL Reports > KK Activity Detail History

Departments are encouraged to begin using the new report immediately, though the existing DFQ_KK_12 query will remain in place for a time to allow departments to transition over to the new report.

In addition to improving the performance of this report, the change will indirectly improve the performance of all the other queries, as well. That’s because December query statistics show that the DFQ_KK_12_ACTIVITYLOG_DTL_HIST query alone eats up more than half of the total processing time of all queries. By moving this one query out of the pipeline, wait times will be reduced for other queries in the queue.

The new BI Publisher report product is an interim step in a longer-term plan to enhance the speed and capabilities of FI$Cal reports and queries. The next step will be to move KK Activity Log information into Microsoft Power BI, which should further improve performance and allow departments to modify the report. The Power BI version of the report should be available this quarter, with more reports and queries moving to Power BI over the course of 2020.

For more information about executing the new report, please refer to the KK Activity Detail History Report report aid. If you are logged into ServiceNow, the link will take you straight to the report aid.

If you have any issues or questions, please contact the FI$Cal Service Center at 1-855-347-2250 or fiscalservicecenter@fiscal.ca.gov.