FI$Cal is offering system users a chance to gain more detailed knowledge about the new FI$Cal Learning Center (FLC) after its successful launch last month. A pair of virtual town halls are scheduled for the first two Tuesdays in March.

The first town hall, on March 2, will teach users how to find content and create playlists in the FLC. The March 9 event will cover transcripts – how record-keeping is done in the FLC to keep track of what courses users have taken. Both will run one hour, starting at 11 a.m.

Similar to a town hall earlier this month, these events will feature kickoff statements and demonstrations of functionality, then move to user questions. Kimberly Lim and Jamie Lazarus will serve as facilitators for the first and second town halls, respectively, and a set of expert panelists from the FLC will answer questions. They aim to give users the information they need to better understand the ins and outs of using the Learning Center.

Also, don’t forget the next webcast of FI$CalTv takes place next week. The show on February 25 will start at 1:30 p.m. and feature a discussion of the new COVID-19 transaction dashboard between host Jim Caselli and FI$Cal Senior Advisor Joel Riphagen, along with a demo. Users can also see a discussion about FI$Cal’s use of robotic process automation (RPA), as Caselli talks with Greg Kakigi, section chief of FI$Cal’s emerging technology and web services section.

For instructions on accessing the FLC town halls and the FI$CalTv webcast, look for emails coming from FI$Cal soon. Users also can look on the events calendar on the FI$Cal website to see these and other coming events for system users.