Department of FI$Cal continually makes updates and enhancements to the system based on feedback from our end users. Our goal is to improve usability while maintaining the highest level of security for the state’s data.

FI$Cal released the following enhancements in June 2019 (descriptions include ServiceNow case numbers):

Order to Cash (Accounts Receivable, Billing, Cash Management)

  • A new Report to generate Deposits denied by SCO (CS0128253)

Record to Report (General Ledger, Labor Distribution, KK (commitment control)

  • Enhancement to prompt a warning message, if the users try to post a Correction Journal, without bypassing Budget Check (CS0165629)

Req to Check (Accounts Payable, Purchase Orders, Cash Management)

  • FI$Cal is implementing additional Accounts Payable functionality that will provide users with the ability to identify an SCO Claim ID on a Journal Voucher. This will allow for reclassification entries, associated with an SCO Legacy Claim, to originate from the AP submodule. An additional field titled Related SCO Claim ID has been createdthat will allow departments to select the related SCO Claim ID on the reclassification AP Journal Voucher. (INC0022685)
  • A New Certification Type SB-PW (Small Business – Public Works) is added to the Certification status Search Page. (CS0144869)