More than 140 participants from 36Image of a facilitator at workshop departments filed into three days of Imagine FI$Cal workshops from April 8 – 10. Now that the event is over, FI$Cal staff are busy evaluating how we can implement the solutions generated by our end users on the topics of training, customer service and system enhancements.

Participants were seated at tables of six that moved through a series of brainstorming exercises to come up with a group concept poster. Through drawing, discussion and some ice breaking activities, our “Imagineers” were able to unlock their creativity to come up with very useful solutions. At the end of each session, participants used an online poll to rank the concept posters by impact and difficulty.

FI$Cal staff have summarized the information on the concept posters, and have made the information available on the Imagine FI$Cal page. Check back in the coming weeks, for updates on when and how the ideas will become reality.Image of a facilitator at workshop