PFA Eligible Transactions

Question: What is the timeframe for processing State Controller’s Office (SCO) approvals or denials?
Answer: There is no approval for the Labor Distribution allocation and manual allocation. The Plan of Financial Adjustment (PFA) will replace the manual review by the  SCO State Accounting and Reporting Division analyst. The estimated PFA and PFA correction are still subject to the normal SCO State Accounting Reporting processing time.

PFA Validation

Question: If we have a new PFA letter approved by SCO and the Department of Finance, how do we submit the PFA tree to add the new PFA funding information?
Answer: SCO is developing a new business process for departments to submit a PFA tree configuration worksheet along with the proposed PFA.

In the meantime, please submit a FI$Cal Service Center ticket requesting a “PFA Tree Update.” Attach the approved PFA letter as well as a copy of your current PFA Tree report with requested changes highlighted and updates noted.

Blanket Purchase Orders (PO)

Question: Will blanket purchase orders (PO) be considered in the FI$Cal system in the future? Blanket POs allow departments to encumber funds for estimated costs of maintenance work orders and various usage charges for equipment.
Answer: There are specific policies that departments must follow regarding blanket purchase orders. Per the Department of General Services (DGS), departments are required to enter line item details, such as UNSPSC, description, amount and quantity of each line item on the purchase order. Buyers should follow policies in the State Contracting Manual, Volume FI$Cal on the DGS website and/or contact the DGS Procurement Division for assistance on blanket purchase order policies.