The Department of FISCal (FI$Cal) supports 152 state departments and approximately 14,000 end users. One of the key goals in FI$Cal’s strategic plan is to provide outstanding customer service. We do this by striving to continuously improve our customers’ experience through high-quality services, effective communication and broad collaboration. To ensure system end users are able to complete their work, FI$Cal provides a number of customer service resources ranging from self-help tools to interactive lab sessions led by subject matter experts.

Among these resources is the FI$Cal Service Center (FSC). The FSC is a customer support center offering both live staff and self-service options to resolve a wide range of potential issues end users may encounter. In order to better understand end user issues, we closely track the types of service tickets created in the FSC and how quickly they are resolved.

Analysis of these tickets indicates that 99% are user-driven or training and access-related, meaning most are “how to” tickets and simple fixes such as password resets. Of these tickets, nearly half are resolved within one day and about 85% are resolved within five days. Customer Service and Analytics section (CSAS) manager, Will Padilla, credits the quick resolution to section staff, “CSAS staff are well-trained and equipped to triage customer issues, and resolve many issues on the spot.” says Padilla, “We strive for first-call resolution. For more complex customer issues, we ensure tickets are documented thoroughly and routed to the right team for quick resolution”

In addition to tracking these trends, we use the data collected from FSC tickets to provide services and training. We incorporate ticket analysis trends into the training catalog offered through the FI$Cal Learning Center, our one-stop learning experience that helps end users master the skills needed to become confident and successful in the system. The support we provide is intended to not only help departments close their books on time, but to ensure timely and accurate reporting is made across the state.

As we provide ongoing support to the state departments using the FI$Cal system, we will continue to provide outstanding customer service resources and develop improvements to the system and our user supports in any way our customers and end user need.