Below is the monthly roundup of new/updated training content that has been added to the FI$Cal Learning Center (FLC).

Job Aids/Materials:

  • FISCal.056 – Voucher Spreadsheet Upload (updated)
  • FISCal.062 – Schedule Multiple Payments for a Single Voucher Over 99999999.99 (updated)
  • FISCal.102 – Create and Maintain Work in Progress WIP Assets (updated)
  • FISCal.114 – Create a Speed Chart (updated)
  • FISCal.270 – Manually Create Catch-up Transactions (updated)
  • FISCal.226 – Correct Voucher Build Errors (updated)
  • FISCal.281 – Update CalATERS Prepaid Vouchers with Manual Payment Data (updated)
  • FISCal.288 – Record a Salary Advance Manual Payment on a Voucher (updated)
  • FISCal.404 – SCO Approvals of GL Journals and AP Journal Vouchers (updated)
  • FISCal.408 – Create Zero Dollar Manual Catch-up Voucher to Liquidate PO Resulting from Claim Submission Outside of FI$Cal (updated)
  • FISCal.245 – Completing Year-End Closing/Year-End Adjusting Entries (temporarily disabled)
  • FISCal.484 – FI$Cal to SCO Monthly Reconciliation Report-Power BI (updated)
  • FISCal.488 – How to Use the Allocation WorkCenter (new)
  • Creating/Adding an Asset Infographic (new)
  • Transfer an Asset Infographic (new)
  • Depreciating an Asset Infographic (new)
  • Maintaining Asset -Retire/Reinstate/Cost Adjustment Infographic (new)

Online Classes:

  • AP Using a SpeedChart while Creating a Regular Voucher (new)
  • AP Create a SpeedChart (new)
  • AP Correcting Voucher Build Errors (new)
  • PO Searching for a Requisition (updated)
  • AP Creating a Confidential Voucher (new)


  • FI$Cal Auto Reversal Functionality (new)
  • FI$CalTv Podcast CV/CVAC (new)
  • FI$CalTv March 2021 Imagine FI$Cal Discussion (new)

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