Here is the monthly roundup of new/updated training content that was added to the FI$Cal Learning Center (FLC) in January 2022.

Job Aids/Material:

  • Departmental Income and Expense Report Aid (updated)
  • FI$Cal Data Extracts – Purchase Order Details (updated)
  • FISCal.061– Create a PO Voucher (updated)
  • FISCal.169 – Description of LD Payroll Queries (updated)
  • FISCal.324 – Disable User in Identity Self-Service (updated)
  • FISCal.391B – SCO Approval of AR Deposits – Remittances  (updated)
  • FISCal.416 – How to Use FI$Cal Department 360 Tool (updated)
  • FISCal.479 – FI$Cal Learning Center Quick Start Guide (updated)
  • FISCal.504 – Warrant Voucher Spreadsheet Upload Interface – Inbound (INFAP054) (new)
  • FISCal.508 – How to verify when Bidders have viewed the Event Package (new)

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Online Classes:

  • LD Add An Employee to FISCal And Obtain Their Employee ID (new)
  • LD Configure Employee With Individual Defaults (new)
  • LD Configure New Employee With Group Defaults (new)
  • LD Find An Employee ID Number (new)


  • FI$Cal Data Extracts (updated)
  • Labor Distribution (updated)
  • Processing Procurement Contracts (updated)
  • Voucher Processing (updated)

Link and Login Information:

You can access the FLC at The FLC is limited to authorized users. Please log in using your FI$Cal credentials.

If you have any questions regarding the FLC or the above information, please contact the FI$Cal Client Training Section at