Here is the monthly roundup of new/updated training content that was added to the FI$Cal Learning Center (FLC) in August.

Job Aids/Material:

  • FISCal.080 – AM Reports within the FI$Cal System (updated)
  • FISCal.263 – Create an Encumbrance Only Purchase Order (updated)
  • FISCal.464 – Completing CAR Reportable Section (updated)
  • FISCal.486 – How to use the Purchase Order Upload (INFPO119) (new)
  • FISCal.495 – Making a Payment for a Lease/Financed Purchase (new)

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Online Classes:

  • AP Create an Employee Salary Advance (new)
  • AP Creating Claim Schedule Face Sheet and Remittance Advice of Claim Submission Outside of FI$Cal (new)



  • Creating and Maintaining Suppliers (updated)
  • Creating Assets (updated)
  • Lease/Financed Purchase Contracts (updated)
  • Processing Purchase Orders (updated)
  • Self-Service Tools (updated)
  • Voucher Processing (updated)

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