Here is the monthly roundup of new/updated training content that was added to the FI$Cal Learning Center (FLC) in September 2022.

Job Aids/Material:

  • Collect Receivables Flowchart (new)
  • Enter and Maintain Receivables Flowchart (new)
  • Generate and Adjust Invoices Flowchart (new)
  • FISCal.045 – Changing the Attention To on Requisitions and Purchase Orders (updated)
  • FISCal.080 – AM Reports within the FI$Cal System (updated)
  • FISCal.418 – 1099 Withholding Adjustment Interface (updated)
  • FISCal.520 – InterUnit Invoice Portal (new)
  • FISCal.527 – Create a Project and Activity (new)
  • FISCal.528 – Run the Outbound AP Journal Voucher Reconciliation Report (new)

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Online Classes:

  • AM Demo – Adding an Asset (new)
  • AM Demo – Copying Assets (new)
  • AM Demo – Cost Adjustments (new)
  • AM Demo – Intra-Unit Transfers (new)
  • AM Demo – Manual Asset Retirement (new)
  • AM Demo – Split Funded Assets (new)
  • AM Lecture – Adding Fleet Assets (new)
  • AM Lecture – Asset Audit Report (new)
  • AM Lecture – Asset Cost History (new)
  • AM Lecture – Asset Information Report (new)
  • AM Lecture – Asset Inventory Report (new)
  • AM Lecture – Asset Management Workflow (new)
  • AM Lecture – Asset Profile IDs (new)
  • AM Lecture – Depreciation Calculation (new)
  • AM Lecture – Depreciation Close (new)
  • AM Lecture – Disposal Worksheet (new)
  • AM Lecture – Erroneously Added Assets (new)
  • AM Lecture – Inter-Unit Transfers (new)
  • AM Lecture – Making Physical Updates (new)
  • AM Lecture – Parent-Child Assets (new)
  • AM Lecture – PO-AP Interface (new)
  • AM Lecture – Procurement Groups (new)
  • AM Lecture – Reinstating an Asset (new)
  • AM Lecture – Review Depreciation Information (new)
  • AM Lecture – The 5 W’s of Asset Management (new)
  • AM Lecture – Year End Close (new)
  • AP Create a Single Payment Voucher to Mask a Payee’s Name and Remittance Address (updated)
  • AP Create a SpeedChart (updated)
  • AP Using a SpeedChart while Creating a Regular Voucher (updated)
  • BI Creating a Recurring Bill (updated)
  • GL Copying a Journal (updated)
  • GL Creating a Departmental Operating Budget Journal (updated)
  • GL Creating and Maintaining SpeedTypes (updated)
  • GL Running the Activity Sheet Staging Tables Error Report (updated)
  • GL Running the Journal Edit Process to Resolve Errors (updated)
  • PC Running the Project Costing Billable Transactions Report (Query) (updated)
  • PC Running the Project Financial Report (updated)


  • Accounts Payable Reports (updated)
  • Accounts Receivable/Billing Reports (updated)
  • AM1001/1002 Creating & Maintaining Assets (new)
  • Cash Management (updated)
  • Creating and Maintaining Suppliers (updated)
  • General Ledger Journals (updated)
  • General Ledger Reports (updated)
  • Getting Started in FISCal (updated)
  • Grants, Customer Contracts and Projects Reports (updated)
  • Maintaining Vouchers (updated)
  • Processing Bills (updated)
  • Processing Payments (updated)
  • Processing Receivables (updated)
  • Project Costing (updated)
  • Self-Service Tools (updated)
  • Voucher Processing (updated)


  • FI$Cal Purchase Order Payment History Search (new)

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