FI$Cal offers frequent job opportunities in a variety of classifications. Here are some openings to join our team.


Under the direction of the Director of the Department of FISCal (FI$Cal), the incumbent will serve as the Executive Management Support Analyst (EMSA) responsible for high level support and as an internal consultant to the Director, Chief Deputy Director, and Senior Advisor. The incumbent will conduct first level review of highly complex reports submitted to the Director and serve as a single point of contact for communication and coordination for FI$Cal related issues and requests as directed by the Director, Chief Deputy Director, and Senior Advisor. The EMSA performs varied analytical and evaluative assignments including, but not limited to, developing processes and procedures for the Executive Division. The position represents a vital role in the department’s activities, assisting in strategic initiatives working in collaboration with internal project groups and various external audiences.
Final Filing Date: 10/13/2021


Under direction from the Information Technology Manager I, the Information Technology Specialist (ITS) I serves as a project manager in the Change and Release Management (CRM) Section, within the Project Management Office (PMO). The PMO is a customer focused service organization that provides project management services to customers/partners to complete various types of Information Technology (IT) projects to achieve the strategic objectives of FI$Cal. Through efficient and effective application of project management processes, tools, and techniques, the PMO manages projects to deliver FI$Cal system releases and new Information Technology (IT) products, services and systems.
Final Filing Date: Until Filled


Under the general supervision of the Staff Services Manager (SSM) II, Labor and Performance Management Section Chief, the Office Technician (Typing) will serve as the Human Resources Office (HRO) receptionist and assistant, responsible for assisting HRO staff in performing a variety of tasks related to staff onboarding, payroll, FMLA eligibility determination, Labor and Performance Management (LPM), special assignments, and provide general office support for HRO staff, managers and the Chief, Human Resources (Staff Services Manager III).  The incumbent will  process and handle confidential documentation, and independently type correspondence on a personal computer such as memorandums in draft and final form, letters, and reports in accordance with FI$Cal’s quality assurance and version control requirements to produce error-free final copies.  The full suite of Microsoft Office products will be utilized including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio and Teams.
Final Filing Date: 10/11/2021


Under the direction of the Staff Services Manager (SSM) II, Communications Unit Manager, the Staff Services Manager I will serve as the department’s communications and marketing manager. This position will also be responsible for writing content for FI$Cal’s newsletter, and develop written and visual elements such as graphics and photographs for use on the department’s social media platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook). Through social media channels the incumbent tracks coverage and trends related to FI$Cal and its mission; assists in development of and participation in outreach efforts at public events, news conferences, and department meetings and workshops; and assists in development of website content. The incumbent will be responsible for overseeing the preparation of high-level communications, including departmental memos, letters to stakeholders, newsletter content, and legislative reports. The incumbent will also be responsible for preparing the Director and Chief Deputy Director, and will assist the Staff Services Manager III (SSM III) and Information Officer (IO I) with preparing executive staff for legislative hearings, media interviews, user forums, and other high-level internal and external meetings. The incumbent may act as spokesperson, and represent the department at high-level meetings/events.
Final Filing Date: Until Filled


Under the administrative direction of the Chief Information Officer (CIO)/ Deputy Director of the Information Technology Division (CEA B), the Information Technology Manager  (ITM) II will serve as a member of Information Technology Division (ITD) senior leadership team as the Chief Information Security Officer for the Department of Financial Information System for California (FI$Cal).  The ITM II serving as the information security authority in an executive management role, manages the Privacy, Information Security and Compliance program and has full responsibility for all sensitive data/systems – automated and manual, physical and logical, on-premises and cloud-deployed for the Department of FISCal. The ITM II is responsible for reviewing and implementing the activities related to the regulatory compliance and risk management that are required to protect data confidentiality and privacy rights, and for ensuring the integrity and availability of these information systems.
Final Filing Date: 10/12/2021


As the chief of the Security Analytics and Program Management (SAPM) Section, the ITM I has full management responsibility for organizing, planning, and directing all activities associated with the SAPM Section. This section is responsible for developing and implementing Financial Information System of California (FISCal)’s information security policies, planning and providing security awareness training to the departmental staff, planning and conducting information security tests, identifying and addressing the information security risks and vulnerabilities, and developing and implementing the information security risk management program. Additionally, the SAPM section is also responsible for conducting information security audits, identifying and implementing security analytics, coordinating independent security assessments, and for maintaining the Plan of Action and Milestones (POAM). SAPM section collaborates with other ITD sections and other FI$Cal divisions to execute the actions documented in POAM and mitigate information security risks.
Final Filing Date: 10/18/2021


Under the general direction of an Accounting Administrator III (AA III), the incumbent is responsible for developing, maintaining and providing the more difficult training curriculum. The Staff Services Manager I (SSM I) serves as the first level supervisor overseeing the tasks associated with the design, development, implementation, and maintenance of course curriculum, and materials, as well as training delivery, to support the deployment of the FI$Cal system anticipated to serve 15,000 end-users across the State of California. The position is also responsible for administering FI$Cal staff training.
Final Filing Date: 10/19/2021