Purchase Orders

Question: Why can’t I find my Department of General Services (DGS) bill code in the FI$Cal system?
Answer: DGS is responsible for this functionality. If you cannot find your DGS bill code in the FI$Cal system, please email DGS at SRFFiscalServices@dgs.ca.gov to reach the appropriate DGS workgroup.

Question: What acquisition method should I use if I can’t find the one I need?
Answer: DGS has a workgroup responsible for this functionality. Please email them at PAMS@dgs.ca.gov to find out what acquisition method you should use if you have not been able to find the one you need.

Question: Do I have to do a purchase order for utilities?
Answer: To find out whether or not you need to do a purchase order for utilities you will need to email DGS at PAMS@dgs.ca.gov.