The Department of FISCal held its first Imagine FI$Cal workshops in April. The three-day event brought in 140 employees from 36 departments to participate in sketching, brainstorming and concept-development activities. The goal was to  learn first-hand from our customers their “pain points” with the system, training and customer service – and what they thought would improve their FI$Cal experience.  Participants came up with 22 concepts. We selected seven of them as our focus over the next 90 days:

  • FI$Chat – An option that allows users to access FI$Cal subject matter experts directly by phone or chat.
  • Job Aids 2.0 – Updated job aids that are easily searchable, informative, and efficient.
  • FI$Cal Circuit Report – a regular email report that includes information on common questions and issues.
  • Tesla Template – Standardized templates for submitting and responding to FSC tickets.
  • Reports to go- A designated page for FI$Cal generated reports
  • Delegated Authority – Empowers departments to utilize the system more independently.
  • Consolidated Error Resolution Screen – a single screen to display all errors across the system.

Additionally, we are in the planning phase for establishing an education center. This will be a one stop shop for all your training needs. During this process, we will be updating our website to consolidate and modernize all of our education components, develop a curriculum and hire staff.

We received a lot of feedback from our Imagine FI$Cal participants requesting an on-line forum where end users could post questions to end users from other departments to help troubleshoot issues while transacting in the system. We also heard requests for roundtable discussions with control agencies to discuss FI$Cal capabilities and departments’ needs. There are options available today!

Our Customer Impact Committee (CIC) continues to serve as a mechanism for discussions that create new understandings between departments and control agencies related to FI$Cal system capabilities and department needs. It partners with the FI$Cal Steering Committee as a leadership group to provide a formal way for departments and agencies to express their views and receive information from FI$Cal, provide broad input and advice to the Steering Committee and promote effective representation of department needs.

Through our LinkedIn Super User Group, end users have a place to learn from each other, get helpful hints on training, tools and other information that is updated on a regular basis. The group is private, and all information and conversations are visible only to group members. To join, sign into your LinkedIn account and click on LinkedIn Super User Group. Membership is limited to FI$Cal end users or supervisors of end users. Once we verify you are a state employee end user or supervisor, we will approve the request.

More information will be posted to our Imagine FI$Cal page as it becomes available. We look forward to holding additional workshops in the coming months.