FI$Cal periodically receives emails from Departmental Authority or Designees (DADs), or Department Requesters (Requesters), asking for the status of their Identity Self Service (ISS) ticket.

Before contacting FI$Cal you should ask these three questions:

  • Have three business days passed since the DAD submitted the ticket? – Upon receipt of a ticket from a DAD, FI$Cal typically will resolve the ticket within three business days.
  • Has the DAD forwarded the ticket? – State entities that have Requesters generate tickets and then send them to a DAD for approval can encounter delays if the DAD does not approve and move the ticket forward in a timely manner. We recommend that Requesters notify their DADs that a request has been forwarded to them for approval immediately after the request has been sent.
  • Has the DAD validated there was not any additional information needed? – When FI$Cal identifies a ticket that needs clarification, we include notes in the ticket asking for additional information, then send it back to the DAD. Sometimes the DAD does not see this communication or know how to respond to it, making the process take longer.

If you do need to contact FI$Cal to check on the status of an ISS ticket, send an email to FI$Cal’s Information Security Office with the ticket number of the request and ask for a status update.