The FI$Cal Service Center (FSC) wants to remind end users about a faster way to launch tickets.

Most tickets are still being done the old way, where the FSC accepts email requests from departments for ticket creation via the email. From there, the FSC creates tickets on a first in/first out basis. Although FSC Level 1 analysts are diligent at working to clear email requests, there often is a delay in creating the ticket because of heavy email volume.

But users who submit their tickets themselves via the Self-Service Portal in ServiceNow can help streamline their ticket and get a quicker response. That’s because the ticket is ready to be assigned to an analyst once the user submits the request and does not have to wait for it to be created and processed.

Other things users can do in the Self-Service Portal:

  • View your submitted tickets
  • Submit comments to the assigned analyst

Another self-help feature is the ability to reset your own password if you have locked your account by entering your password too many times. Simply navigate to the “Access FI$Cal” page and after entering your email address, click “Forgot my Password” and a code will be emailed to you. You do not have to wait for assistance from a live person to get back to business.