During the Milestone 3 cutover in December 2018, the BU Affiliate and Fund Affiliate Statewide Combination edits were added to the FI$Cal system. The Accounts listed below are impacted by these new combination edits and require the listed Accounts to populate the journal BU Affiliate and Fund Affiliate fields with the corresponding BU and Fund related to the transaction.

Accounts affected by added BU Affiliate Combo Edits: 1509400, 2011000, 2012000, 2062000, 6210000, 6230000, 6240000, 6511000, 6521000
Accounts affected by added Fund Affiliate Combo Edits: 1225900, 1240000, 1309200, 1509000, 2010000, 2012000, 2062000, 2500000, 2500210, 2500220, 4610120, 6210000, 6230000, 6240000, 6511000, 6521000, 6540000

Your Department may have posted GL journals or AR transactions that will require assistance in making an adjustment due to the BU Affiliate and Fund Affiliate fields being required. Also, missing BU Affiliate and Fund affiliate information will be necessary to complete year end statements.

Action Required

If adjustments are needed to the Accounts listed above that do not have the BU and Fund Affiliate fields populated, please schedule a User Support Lab (USL) appointment by completing the On-Site Support Office USL Request Form on the FI$Cal Website and submit the completed form to the FI$Cal Service Center mailbox at fiscalservicecenter@fiscal.ca.gov.

If you have any issues or questions, please contact the FI$Cal Service Center at 1-855-347-2250 or fiscalservicecenter@fiscal.ca.gov.