This month’s FI$CalTv episode, to be telecast on Thursday, April 29, will focus on the WorkCenter, which is available to departments to access specific and prioritized tasks and actions in a central location. Several modules have been added to the WorkCenter over the past year. FI$Cal also will air other news and informational tips. Look for an email soon for details on how to access the show.

FI$Cal is committed to providing timely and relevant information to our customers. We routinely solicit feedback from users on which topics would be of interest through surveys, interaction with FI$Cal relations coordinators and meetings with department sponsors. If there is a specific topic that you would like highlighted in an upcoming FI$CalTv episode, you can email the idea to the FI$Cal CMO mailbox.

If you would like to receive FI$CalTv information and invitations, please go to the subscription page and sign up. If you missed our recent FI$CalTv episodes, you can view them on our YouTube channel.