While most system users are working from home, they are showing they need the latest news and information from FI$Cal more than ever. Attendance at our online events took a big leap between mid-March, when people were still going into offices, and since then, as they shifted to telework.

At two events in the first half of March, attendance totaled 100 and 116, respectively. Once April rolled around, we were getting 200-plus participants at every event, including nearly 700 at the July 2020 SCO Release town hall on April 27. FI$CalTv broadcasts drew 276 viewers on April 2 and 234 attendees on April 30.

This shows that with most of the state workforce operating from home, these WebEx broadcasts can serve as a key platform for getting the most up-to-date news and information to our system users. Clearly, they still crave interaction with FI$Cal subject matter experts.

At FI$Cal, we are committed to providing service to our customers no matter where they are. We will continue to produce webcasts to keep users well-informed with the latest tools, releases and other help. Those who miss these events live can always go to the FI$Cal YouTube page to pick up on this valuable information.