The FI$Cal Learning Center (FLC) has launched and is now available to all end users. The FLC is a one-stop experience to help users master the skills they need to become confident and successful in the FI$Cal system.

This effort is our response to customer requests for an improved learning experience. Users provided feedback through Imagine FI$Cal workshops, surveys and focus groups, asking for a system and materials that are up to date and easily accessible.

We recognize that user needs have evolved from the time departments were onboarding into the FI$Cal system. This is a new training experience that will prepare new users, as well as more experienced ones, keeping them updated on changes and providing opportunities to refresh their skills.

The most significant benefit of the FLC is the way it brings together learning materials from various places (including the University of FI$Cal, ServiceNow and YouTube) into a single location. This makes it easier for system users to understand and access all the content available to support them. Short, quick courses focus on a single topic – all in one location that is intuitive and easy to navigate. The FLC system is powerful and flexible, so we can add new material and use new and improved media.

We invite users to mark their calendars for Thursday, January 21, to celebrate the launch of the new Learning Center on FI$CalTv. Michelle Moody, deputy director of FI$Cal’s Business Operation and Solutions Division, will introduce the FLC, and host Jim Caselli will hold a discussion with Kimberly Lim, who will demonstrate the Learning Center’s functionalities. To access that broadcast, click here. Select “Join event,” and enter your name and state email if prompted  After the show airs, it will become available on the FI$Cal YouTube channel.

The screenshot below provides a preview of how simple it is to find learning opportunities in the FLC. More information will be shared soon, including a quick start guide. instructional videos, and interactive meetings.

Questions on the FLC can be directed to with the subject line of “FLC.”