Did you know that you can call and “chat” with a FI$Cal subject matter expert? FI$Cal implemented FI$Chat back in July as the result of an idea that came out of our spring Imagine FI$Cal workshop series. This service makes it easier for you to get answers to your questions.

Through FI$Chat, end users can call (855) 347-2250 Monday through Friday from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. and ask to “FI$Chat” directly with a FI$Cal SME.

The following is a brief Q&A about how the FI$Chat service will function and interact with the ticketing system.

• Q: What type of questions can I get help with when I FI$Chat?
• A: FI$Chat SMEs will be available to assist you with “how-to” questions and less complex system transactions.

• Q: If I open a ticket and then call to FI$Chat, will I be able to move my ticket to the front of the line?
• A: The Fiscal Service Center (FSC) services tickets in the order they are received. Opening a ticket and then calling to FI$Chat about that ticket will not get the ticket moved to the front of the line. Tickets that are opened as the result of a FI$Chat call will go through the already established intake, triage and assignment queues.

• Q: Can I FI$Chat to find out the status of my ticket(s)?
• A: We strongly encourage our users to email the FSC or search for ticket status through the Self Service Portal and use FI$Chat for system-related questions.

Q: What if the SMEs are assisting other end users when I call to FI$Chat?
• A: If all of our SMEs are busy, a FSC Level 1 support analyst will open a ticket and route the ticket to an assigned SME. The SME will return your call the same day or during the FI$Chat office hours the next business day.