FI$Bot, our increasingly capable virtual assistant, recently gained new functionality to help system users.

FI$Bot is now equipped to handle questions for a second module – Accounts Payable (AP). Until now, the chatbot had only taken queries related to Procurement (PO). FI$Bot now includes 65 AP-specific responses and a dialog hierarchy for guided navigation to the appropriate answer. AP topics are organized in FI$Bot into the following subcategories: Voucher, Payment, AP Report/Query, AP Issues/Errors, and AP Miscellaneous.

This release also enables a shortcut for FI$Bot users to job aids for all modules – not just PO and AP. In the FI$Bot “Type here” field, users need only type “job aid 114” or “ja 114,” for example, to bring up a new tab that displays the ServiceNow page for Job Aid 114. Note: The user must be logged in to ServiceNow while using FI$Bot to see the job aid.

If you have any issues or questions regarding FI$Bot, please contact the FI$Cal Service Center at 1-855-347-2250 or