You may have seen a recent communication from our department regarding the disabling of inactive accounts. If not, our FI$Cal Access Management team wants to be sure that you are aware of the effort we are making to clean up inactive user accounts and what that means for you.

It is state and Department of FISCal policy to disable accounts where the user has not logged in to the FI$Cal system for more than 90 days. This policy helps us maintain the data integrity and security of the system. For instance, this policy helps to prevent users who may have left a department, but whose accounts might not have been disabled by that department, from logging in to the system.

After 180 days, the Access Management team removes all roles from disabled accounts as well as Primary Permission Lists and route controls, and then locks the accounts. If you find that your account has been disabled or your account has been locked and you need to log in to the FI$Cal system, you should immediately inform your Department Authority or Designee (DAD). DAD approval is required to re-enable your account and to request new roles. Once your request is approved by your DAD, they will need to submit a ticket through the Identity Self-Service system requesting that your account be re-enabled and stating the roles you should have in the FI$Cal system.

If you receive a notification from us that your account is going to be disabled and wish to keep your account open, you should log in to the system as soon as possible. To remain active, you must log into the FI$CAL system at least once every 90 days. We encourage users to set a calendar reminder so you remember to log in and avoid losing your access to the system.

If you have any questions regarding your account, you can submit a ticket to the FI$Cal Service Center (FSC) by going to the ServiceNow Self-Service Portal and selecting either Request Service or Report Issue. This will create a ServiceNow ticket as soon as you complete and submit the ticket details. This is the optimal way to submit a ticket. You can also submit a ticket request by going to the FSC page on our website under the heading “Submit a Ticket to the FI$Cal Service Center” and selecting either the FSC Email Ticket Template (for Outlook users) or the FSC Ticket Request Form (for Non-Outlook users).