The Department of FISCal is opening a virtual command center next week to handle customer service needs arising from the June 2020 State Controller’s Office (SCO) Release. Its purpose is to provide enhanced support to our departments for at least three months immediately following the release. Stabilization will be the main focus, and we will be offering enhanced support to SCO. For departments, we plan to support the newly deployed functionality from department support application enhancements, as well as impacts from the deployed functionality from M3 and M4. We will help all departments with FY19 year-end close (YEC) and we will offer remote user support labs and “onsite” support as needed.

The Department of FISCal will use the latest tools and technologies to provide the same service remotely that users and others expect from the command center. These will include use of Microsoft Teams for screen sharing and virtual collaboration, the Mural app to substitute for in-person whiteboards, and WhatsApp for quick text notifications.

There will also be virtual “bullpens” set up using Microsoft Teams channels for quick answers to questions.

We plan to open the command center next Monday, June 22 – a week before the June 2020 SCO Release. Daily half-hour meetings will take place at 10:30 a.m. and will include all impacted stakeholders as well as Department of FISCal and SCO leadership. The command center is scheduled to operate until at least September 22. Early in September, we will assess whether an extension is needed into the fall months.