Group photo of staff from FI$Cal who assisted with the CAL FIRE P-Card training

FI$Cal staff who assisted with the CAL FIRE P-Card Training

CAL FIRE onboarded with FI$Cal in January and has the most P-Cards of all the departments in the state. With so many cardholders located throughout California it is important that the reconciliation process run as smoothly as possible. Although P-Card training was done prior to January, CAL FIRE felt additional training geared towards their field staff would be beneficial now that they are actually using the system.

To maximize the number of field staff who could participate, FI$Cal’s On-Site Support Office put on a webinar training in February tailored to CAL FIRE’s internal business requirements. The training, which covered P-Card roles, workflow, PO creation, linking POs to statement transactions when reconciling, and transaction fraud/disputes, ensured that CAL FIRE’s cardholders throughout the state received the same instruction while allowing them to learn from each other through an interactive online environment.

CAL FIRE senior staff received positive feedback from participants on the overall pace of the training, the delivery of the presentation, the materials that were covered, and the handling of questions at breaks after each section was covered. This targeted, interactive training will serve as a model for future webcasts with CAL FIRE and other departments.