The Department of FISCal continually makes updates and enhancements to the system based on feedback from our end users. Our goal is to improve usability while maintaining the highest level of security for the state’s data.

FI$Cal released the following enhancements in April 2020 (descriptions include ServiceNow case numbers):

Order to Cash: (AR, Billing, Cash Management)

  • Modified the SQR report to use the Balance Due Amount from the ITEM DST instead of ITEM. Due to this action, the report has been changed to show the aging based on Fund Code, ENY, & AR Account. (CS0208686)

Req to Check: (AP, PO, Asset Management, Procurement)

  • Security update to:
    1) Extended Escheatment and Redeposit Warrant Reports (CS0217068) access to AP Reporter(Z_AP_REPORTER)
    2) Extended Redeposit Report security page access to  SCO Warrant Status Config  Viewer (Z_SCO_AP_WARRANT_STS_CONF_VIEW) and SCO Warrant Status Config  Maintainer(Z_SCO_AP_WRNT_STS_CONFIG_MAINT) (CS0216049)

Projects/Grants (Project Costing, Customer Contracts (ca), Grants Management

  • Updated the SQL for KK Activity Log table by using specific data selection instead of full table join for better performance.
    2. Added the Process Instance Number to the XML file so concurrent jobs will have correct data.
    3. Using first 4 digits of the PC Business Unit in Run Control to join GL/FS/PO Business Unit with Security Run Control.
    4. Update SQL so it will pull data for contracts with multiple rates. (CS0207763)