The Department of FISCal continually makes updates and enhancements to the system based on feedback from our end users. Our goal is to improve usability while maintaining the highest level of security for the state’s data.

FI$Cal released the following enhancements in October (descriptions include ServiceNow case numbers):


Request: CS0282276/CS0305600

  1. Request to update contract activity reports (CAR) and corresponding data validation query (DVQ) to show purchase orders (PO) that have been cancelled as $0 CAR reportable and not included in CAR calculations.
  2. Request to update CAR reports and corresponding DVQ to account for effective dating functionality for acquisition type and method.


  1. CAR reports pick up transactions based on current status, not dispatch date, in order to reflect $0 on POs that are cancelled after dispatch.
  2. CAR reports include new acquisition types that are active and after the effective date.

Accounts Receivable

 Request: CS0300685

Request to Enhance EXTGL122 half sheet interface from the State Controller’s Office (SCO) to include recent Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB) changes.


Enhanced EXTGL122 application engine process to include additional two fields for OPEB in the file and create Payroll Accounts Receivable items including these two amounts along with existing amount fields.

Labor Distribution

 Request: CS0217961

Request to modify inbound payroll data interface INFGL089 to include the new benefit type OPEB that was recently added by SCO to the Legacy Payment History file.


Modified code to inbound payroll data interface INFGL089 to include the new benefit type OPEB while staging and loading the payroll file.