During the Milestone 3 cutover in December 2018, the Source NPF was removed as a valid journal Source.

Prior to copying a posted GL journal, please ensure the journal Source being copied is not NPF. If a GL journal is copied with a Source of NPF, the journal will be locked and the FI$Cal user will not be able to view, modify, or delete. Locked GL journals will require FI$Cal’s assistance in modifying or deleting the journal(s) which may cause a delay in the Month End Closing (MEC) process for the Department.

Please refer to Job Aid FISCAL.404 – SCO Approval of GL Journals and AP Journal Vouchers for a list of valid SCO Type of Transaction codes to use.

If you have any issues or questions, please contact the FI$Cal Service Center at 1-855-347-2250 or fiscalservicecenter@fiscal.ca.gov.