Question: How can I query a list of Power BI users? I have been using PeopleSoft query ZZ_USER_ROLE_LOOKUP to identify user roles. However, I do not think this query displays Power BI roles.
Answer: A list of Power BI users can be obtained one of two ways:

  • A Department Requester or Department Authority or Designee (DAD) can request the information via a ServiceNow case.
  • Reviewing the Annual DAD/User Validation report that FI$Cal sends our yearly all DADs.

Question: If a check is sent to a particular carrier in January 2020, but the check is still outstanding, how long would this check stay valid before becoming void?
Answer: A State Controller’s Office (SCO) issued warrant will remain outstanding until one of the following occurs:

  • The payee cashes the warrant.
  • The warrant is returned to SCO Disbursements and they are instructed to redeposit the warrant.
  • A STD 435 is submitted to place a stop payment on the warrant and SCO Disbursements is instructed to redeposit the funds.
  • The warrant is stale dated.
    • Currently, warrants are stale dated when they remain outstanding longer than 395 days.
    • For a warrant that issued in January 2020, it would not stale date until February 2021 or early March 2021 (depending on what day in January it issued).