FI$Cal’s chatbot, FI$Bot, has undergone an update and has a different look! It’s also able to answer user questions more quickly and intuitively than before.

Artificial Intelligence is allowing FI$Bot to evolve and learn as it goes; based on the questions it’s asked. When users ask a simple question, such as “How do I create a PO?” FI$Bot will respond with a list of options that allow users to drill down to exactly what they are looking for.

To “chat” with FI$Bot use the robot icon on the header in the PeopleSoft application. Users are encouraged to ask simple “how to” questions such as “How do I edit a contract?” or “How do I cancel an event?” If FI$Bot is asked a question that it doesn’t understand, it will prompt the user to clarify or rephrase the question.

All of this helps our information technology team determine how well FI$Bot is responding. It’s a form of supervised learning that will result in our chatbot evolving and getting “smarter” all the time.

Currently, FI$Bot is able to answer the most common questions that users have in the procurement module. More modules will be added in the future.

To learn more about FI$Bot you can watch the new video on our YouTube channel.

We encourage you to give the new and improved FI$Bot a try and we welcome your feedback. If you have suggestions or questions, please email the FI$Cal Service Center.