Please share with your Procurement staff

FI$Cal is releasing new Procurement Contract functionality that will prevent Purchase Orders (PO) copied from Procurement Contracts from exceeding its Contract Maximum Amount. When a PO is copied from a Procurement Contract, the PO’s additional charges, (Tax, Freight, Insurance, Installation, etc.) will be included in the Contract Release Amount.

With the new functionality, a PO will not be able to exceed the Contract Maximum Amount. If the total dollar amount including the PO’s additional expenses exceeds the Contract Maximum Amount, the system will display a message and the user will be prevented from saving the transaction.

This change is only for new Contracts created after 03/11/2019 and will not apply to Contracts created prior to this date. For detailed instructions on how to set up Procurement Contracts to include the additional charges, users will need to utilize Job Aid FISCal.395 – Including Additional Charges in Procurement Contract Total Released Amount.

If you have any issues or questions, please contact the FI$Cal Service Center at 1-855-347-2250 or