Question: Sometimes the tax rate is incorrect for a particular ship to city. Is there a way to change the tax rate?
Answer: Yes. If the tax rate is incorrect for a particular Ship To Location, please submit a ticket to the FI$Cal Service Center for that Ship To Location to be updated with the correct tax rate.

Question: Regarding budget dates in purchase orders (POs), it seems that if the budget month has already undergone month-end closing, then one cannot utilize a budget date not currently open. How can you use a closed budget date in a PO?
Answer: Budget date and accounting dates are different. The budget date doesn’t depend on month-end close. For a normal three-year budget, the budget date can be any day within the enactment year (for 2018 ENY, July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019) as long as the accounting date on the PO is before the last day to encumber for that appropriation

Accounting dates are closed by departments and the State Controller’s Office (SCO). Once the accounting date is closed, it cannot be used without SCO approval. To obtain SCO approval, departments are required to submit a ticket to the FI$Cal Service Center.

 Question: Encumbrance requests for PO’s may be received during year-end close activities. Our current solution is to accrue any PO encumbrances that could not be completed by year-end and encumber the PO in the next year using prior year budget period. Will the system allow this type of PO transaction?
Answer: The State policy is one year to encumber and two years to spend. Departments should only incur funds for their liabilities.