By Neeraj Chauhan, Chief Deputy Director

A great system delivers a positive user experience that inspires confidence in its data. And a great system never stops improving. As we complete the final pieces of functionality, we are shifting more of our focus to customer support. We know it is more important than ever to listen to our end users. By understanding how they’re using the system, and what roadblocks they’re encountering, we will help them clear the path.

That’s why we held the Imagine FI$Cal workshops in April. Participants sketched, refined and prioritized the tools and services they wanted most. Now it’s time to turn those concept posters into reality.

Over the next 90 days, staff from Department of FI$Cal will be working to implement solutions from seven concepts:

FI$Chat – An option that allows users to access FI$Cal subject matter experts directly by phone or chat.

Job Aids 2.0 – Updated job aids that are easily searchable, informative, efficient, and better organized, including a table of contents and frequently asked questions for each.

FI$Cal Circuit Report – A regular email report with information about common questions and issues, as well as the FI$Cal answer or resolution.

The Tesla Template – Standardized templates for submitting tickets and responding to tickets.

Reports to Go – A dedicated page to help users easily find, understand, and use FI$Cal-generated reports.

Consolidated Error Resolution Screen – A new single screen to display all errors across the system, including links to sources and possible resolutions.

Delegated Authority – Provides departments with more functionality that they control, including internal processes for control, internal maintenance teams, and regular audits.

Updates will be posted on the Imagine FI$Cal page of the FI$Cal website as they become available. Thank you to all of our end users for their dedication and support as we work to make our system and services the best they can be.