Question: Does FI$Cal do my Consolidated Annual Report (DGS PD 810) automatically?
Answer: Yes, as of Fiscal Year 2018-2019, FI$Cal captures the information required for Consolidated Annual Reports for FI$Cal departments and departments who report in the State Contract & Procurement Registration System. The Department of General Services (DGS) will retrieve report data out of FI$Cal after the close of the FI$Cal year. However, departments can and should run their own reports and review their Consolidated Annual Report information for accuracy. For more information and instructions on how to run your own report, go the File Consolidated Annual Report for State Contracting page on the DGS website.

Question: Why do I have to do a Purchase Order (PO) in the FI$Cal system?
Answer: POs must be done in the FI$Cal system because the system is the official procurement book of record for the state of California. POs done using the FI$Cal system serve as the official statewide procurement document.

Question: How do I confirm that I am adhering to state acquisition and procurement policies?
Answer: Buyers should refer to the State Contracting Manual (SCM) to ensure they are transacting in accordance with procurement and contracting policies and procedures, specifically the Encumbrance Only policy. This information is in the SCM in the SCM F, Procurement Planning section.