The Department of FISCal continually makes updates and enhancements to the system based on feedback from our end users. Our goal is to improve usability while maintaining the highest level of security for the state’s data.

FI$Cal released the following enhancements in January 2021 (descriptions include ServiceNow case numbers):

Req to Check (AP, PO, Asset Management, Procurement)

  • Updated run control page to include Regenerate checkbox, Post Issuance Approval Date, FI$Cal Warrants checkbox, and removed Current Date checkbox. Updated application engine to include FI$Cal Warrants and Regenerate file when option is selected for specific Post Issuance Approval Date. (CS0253195)
  • Updated Process/Job definition to remove three jobs/processes on the PO Dispatch page:
    1. PODISP (PO Dispatch & Email)
    2. POPO005 (PO Dispatch/Print)
    3. PO_PO_EMAIL (Email) (CS0261984)