By Miriam Barcellona Ingenito, Director of FI$Cal

We are continuously taking the pulse of system users to be sure we are improving and delivering the best customer service possible. Through our user-centered events such as Imagine FI$Cal, our townhalls and customer surveys, we are learning what’s working for you as well as where your pain points lie.

You may have taken a survey not long ago that asked about your experiences with the system and services offered by FI$Cal. The survey results showed that most of you use and derive benefits from the University of FI$Cal and job aids.

The new  Dashboard, which gives users quick views of several self-service tools and reports, was rated highly by those who used it but was the least-accessed of the tools we asked about. The survey also confirmed that FI$Bot needs some work. I am happy to report that we have a team working on our chatbot to make it much smarter!

We have also developed many initiatives arising from your ideas at April’s Imagine FI$Cal workshops. Please visit our Imagine FI$Cal page for more information and to follow our progress.

We would like to hear from more of you. Please look out for our monthly surveys. Completing the survey allows you to make your voice heard.

We are listening!