Here is the monthly roundup of new/updated training content that was added to the FI$Cal Learning Center (FLC) in June 2022.

Job Aids/Material:

  • Asset Disposal Flowchart (updated)
  • Creating Assets Flowchart (updated)
  • Creating Assets Infographic (updated)
  • Department P-Card Administration Flowchart (new)
  • Depreciation Flowchart (updated)
  • Depreciation Infographic (new)
  • FI$Cal P-Card Reconciliation Process Flowchart (new)
  • FISCal.446 – Create a Regular Voucher Using Expedite Payment Option (updated)
  • FISCal.521 – External Transactions for Unrecorded Cashed Checks (new)
  • Maintaining Assets Flowchart (updated)
  • Maintaining Asset Infographic (updated)
  • P-Card Flowchart (new)
  • Procurement Contract Flowchart (new)
  • Purchase Order Flowchart (new)
  • Requisition Flowchart (new)
  • Requisition to Check Process Flowchart (new)
  • Requisition to Check P-Card Reconciliation Flowchart (new)

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Online Classes:

  • GL Creating a Statistics Journal (updated)
  • GL Running the Agency Reconciliation Report (updated)


  • Creating Assets (updated)
  • General Ledger Journals (updated)
  • Maintaining Assets (updated)
  • Month End Close Process (updated)
  • Processing Purchase Orders (updated)
  • Voucher Processing (updated)


  • FI$CalTv Episode 31, April 2022: Customer Item Payment (CIP) Approval Enhancement Demonstration and FSC Trending Items (new)
  • FI$CalTv Episode 32, May 2022: Centralized Treasury System (CTS) to CTS Fund Transfer Functionality (new)
  • FI$CalTv Episode 33, May 2022: Success with Desktop Procedure Guides (new)

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