Are you wondering what roles to assign to your staff so they can transact in the FI$Cal system? Do you ever need help determining the functions certain roles perform? FI$Cal’s role mapping handbooks can help.

Located on the End User Access page of the FI$Cal website, the handbooks are designed to assist departments with assigning roles by providing role descriptions, information on the system access each role provides, interactions with other roles, and periodic updates as roles are modified or new roles are added.

The FI$Cal End-User Role Description Handbook provides descriptions of current detailed roles available for users in the FI$Cal system. Detailed roles are generally roles that have a limited set of responsibilities.

The Summary Role Handbook contains the roles that almost all departments will need. Summary roles were developed to assist departments with assigning roles by function, so one summary role could be assigned instead of multiple detail roles. For instance, if you assign a user the BU Processor role, additional access will be granted associated with the Appropriation Viewer, Department GL Operating Budget Processor, Department General Ledger Reporter, GL Reporter, GL Viewer, and Operating Budget Viewer roles.

The handbooks are organized by business process (e.g., GL, Budgeting, Accounts Payable, etc.) with each chapter giving an overview of the processes involved and ending with a list of roles associated with that business process, including its responsibilities and relationship with other roles where there are overlapping business processes. Additional information is provided about separation of duty requirements, hard stops, suggested role combinations and required role combinations.

If you have any questions regarding either of the role mapping handbooks please contact the Access Management Unit at