By Jennifer Maguire, Deputy Director, Administrative Division

Every department wants to be known as an employer of choice — the kind of place where talented people aspire to work. At the Department of FISCal (FI$Cal) we strive to be one of those destination employers, and we pay special attention to recruiting the best and the brightest.

The job we do at FI$Cal, implementing and operating the largest IT project in the history of the state, is helping California make better informed decisions and giving the Legislature and the public a window into the state’s financial management activities. Investing in our employees and creating a positive workplace culture doesn’t just benefit FI$Cal, it also benefits the state by helping us hire, train and retain the highly skilled workforce we need.

Our Administrative Services Division offers departmentwide trainings, open to all employees that range from leadership, communication and project management to personal development. We have offered Agile Methodology, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Commitment to Valuing Diversity, and Emotional Intelligence courses to name a few.

We want our staff engaged in their workplace. Work life balance is also important to us here at FI$Cal. Our staff participation rate in the state’s wellness program Healthier U regularly exceeds CalHRs enrollment goals. And while we work towards making state business processes more efficient and transparent our employees are also working to make more personal differences in the lives of Californians. This month we’re holding our first blood drive, and in the past two years, our staff has surpassed department bests in the annual State Employee Food Drive. We regularly spotlight individuals in our department who give their time outside of work, going above and beyond, for the community.

FI$Cal is always looking for innovative and motivated staff. If you are interested in joining the team that is changing the way California does business, you can visit the careers page on our website.