Question: What if we are not using the requisition module? Are we using either an upload or entering directly into a purchase order?
Answer: Creating requisitions in FI$Cal is optional, except when departments are purchasing standard products from CALPIA. As of September 15, 2020, departments transacting in the FI$Cal system are required to purchase CALPIA standard products using the FI$Cal requisition process and the CALPIA online store catalog available in the FI$Cal requisition module.

For more information on this requirement, please see the Department of General Services, Procurement Division Broadcast Bulletin No. F-04-20: CALPIA Online Store Catalog Procurement Functionality – New.  If your department is not currently using the requisition module, please refer to the recently posted FI$CAL Job Aid FI$Cal.449 Generate a FI$CAL Purchase Requisition for CALPIA Standard Items available in ServiceNow and request the roles necessary to complete the CALPIA punchout process in the FI$Cal system.

Question: How do we request a feature added to Purchase Order for subscription and license renewal email alerts?
Answer: The functionality to set up renewal notifications and emails is available in the Procurement Contract Module. If renewal notifications are needed, the recommendation is to create a procurement contract and copy from the contract when creating your purchase orders.