At the Department of FISCal, customer service stands at the forefront of our daily efforts. We are continuously looking for innovative ways to improve upon the services we provide to our customers.  FISCal has recently deployed a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) to help us streamline our business processes and improve our coordination efforts so we can better serve you.

The CRM is an internal software solution that will help us manage and analyze a variety of previously siloed streams of customer information we gather here at FISCal.  The CRM is a single information source for FISCal staff to quickly access details about interactions with our customer departments. Each department has a profile that includes contact and specific background information such as FI$Cal Service Center (FSC) tickets, transaction volumes and Month End Close status.

Moving forward, the CRM will be used to track the many points of engagement between FISCal staff and our customers. Relationship coordinators will keep the CRM updated with critical user information such as survey results, User Support Lab attendance, participation in town hall training events and much more.

FISCal has already implemented the email functionality of the CRM and is currently receiving analytics on who opens the communications and which communications receive the most interest, as well as whether users click on links within the email.

FISCal staff will soon begin using the dashboard in the CRM to run timely reports that will provide a bird’s eye view of the department. This information will position FISCal to assemble the appropriate subject matter experts, identify resource needs and brief leadership, all in the important service of providing a better level of targeted services to our customers.