Question: After a Purchase Order (PO) is created from the requisition upload and dispatched, can the item description field be edited? The field does not open up even after a change order is clicked.
Answer: The PO item description cannot be updated once the PO has been dispatched. It can only be updated when the PO is either in Open or Pending Approval status prior to Dispatching.

Question: When a contract has expired, and all the associated PO’s have been closed, should we also cancel/delete the contract shell in FI$Cal?­
Answer: We recommend that you do not cancel/delete contracts that have expired so that you can keep the items for your records.

Question: Is it possible to view the actual PO, including the attachments that are in complete status?
Answer: Yes. Users with applicable roles, such as PO Buyer can navigate to Purchase Order Inquire page and view the attachments. The navigation path is:

Main Menu>>Purchasing>>Purchase Orders>> Review PO Information>> Purchase Orders. Once on the Purchase Order Inquiry page, search and open the PO.

If attachments were added at the PO Header level, users should scroll down and click on the Header and Comments hyperlink. If attachments were added at the Line Item level, users should scroll to the Line Item and click on the Comments/Attachment icon located right after the line item Status column.

Question: Is it possible to go from a requisition to a contract shell?
Answer: Yes, it is possible to go from a requisition to a contract shell. Review Job Aid FISCal.405 – Link a Procurement Contract to Requisition to Create a PO located in ServiceNow for the steps to follow.